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Jewellery in Cyprus: Millenia of Development


The Cyprus women of the Neolithic times 8000 years ago adorned themselves with necklaces of cornelian beads and sea-shells.

Since that time, design and techniques of jewellery making in Cyprus have gone through developmental processes. These processes were brought about by influences from neighboring countries and by improvising and improvement on the local scene.

The most important local development was the discovery of copper in the 3rd millennium and of cloisonné enamel around 13th century B.C. Evidence of these can be found in the gold rings of Palaipaphos and the gold sceptre of Kourion.

The Zenith of the development of Cyprus Jewellery during these times came during the Cypromycenean period with the techniques of granulation, inlaying, plating and embossing reaching very high standards.

During the Archaic classical and Hellenistic periods new heights of Cyprus jewellery were reached and continued during the Lusignian and Venetian times.

After centuries of poverty and stagnation – following political and religious upheavals in the island- the tradition of Cyprus Jewellery was revised and the art and science of the craft has grown tremendously with the introduction of modern ideas and techniques.