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Buying Advice

  • When you want to purchase, prefer to purchase from a member of the Cyprus Jewellers Association
  • When purchasing from a shop always inspect the jewellery before you buy
  • When purchasing always inspect for imperfections, scratches, tc
  • When purchasing always ask jeweller for returns policy 
  • Have your jeweller to check your jewellery for wear and tear
  • Have your jewellery cleaned and polished at regular times
  • Wash pearls with soap and water to remove cosmetics, perfume, etc 
  • Have pearls away from other jewellery so as not to scratch
  • Store your jewellery save when travelling
  • Never have jewellery into contact with chlorine bleach
  • Never wear diamonds when doing heavy manual work
  • Never wear jewellery when washing or showering
  • Never wear jewellery to bed or when participating in sports.