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President's Greeting

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Firstly I would like to note that I am very honored that the sector has chosen me as the President of the Association.
Both I and the rest of the Board members want to assure you that we will work intensively on the growth of the Association and to better serve our members. The role of our Association today due to the economic crisis, it becomes even more important and invites everyone to participate actively in programs, seminars and events.
The aims and objectives of the Board are:
  • The best service to its members and promote their interests.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the art and science of Cyprus Silversmiths both in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Creating conditions for growth and maintaining a spirit of public confidence in the profession.
  • Continuous monitoring of developments in the field of metalsmithing.
  • To regulate the profession.
  • The setting of Act of secondhand jewelery market.
  • The addition of members in the Association.
  • The creation of a website that will ensure their members and promote the best possible communication between members and consumers.
  • The strengthening of relations between Members.
  • Maintaining the tradition of silversmithing.
The Board has already begun the study of movement in these directions and you will be informed at regular intervals.
Thank you,
Neophytos Neophytou