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Yiannos Ioannou

Nikos IoannouNikos Ioannou started his carrier as a young apprentice in one of the goldsmithing workshops in the old district of Larnaca in 1945.

“Praise must nevertheless be earned; it is never bestowed lightly.”

Mr. Nikos Ioannou is a jeweler and silversmith with 65 years’ experience.

The story of the company begins on 18th December 1961, when Mr. Nikos, then a skilled Jewellery craftsman who spent 17 years working around the island, decided to go ahead with his ambition and open his own Jewellery business.

Now together with his son , Yiannos Ioannou , a St Martins School Of Art graduate, they design and hand make in house their own very unique Jewellery .

Their closed collaboration with the Cyprus Archeological Department , and their hosting of The Cyprus Jewellers Museum , makes them the experts in Cyprus Historic Jewellery making.