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Andrea Demetriou

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Chrysoullis Tziapouras


Date of birth: 25/07/1952
Place of birth: Kyra Morphou
Marital Status: Married with 3 children


Residence Address:
Eleonon 93,
2060 Strovolos, Nicosia
Tel: 22 491203
Mob.: 99 353050


Work Address:
Evagorou 19 A
1065 Nicosia
Tel: 22 670050



My professional activities in Goldsmiths began at the age of twelve in the laboratory of Andreas Paphitis in Morphou and remained there for a few years.
Then I worked for two years in the Jewellers laboratory Jewellers of Christos Magou in Nicosia.

Then I studied at the Technical School in Jewellery-silversmith while I also worked for 5 years in the laboratory of Andrew X'' Stylli in Nicosia.

In 1972, after the wedding, I decided together with my wife to start our own business and Goldsmiths workshop, under the brand name CHRYSOULLIS TZIAPOURAS LTD which is maintained until today and where my wife and children are also working.


Jimmys Poupazis

Jimmys PoupazisFrom the age of twelve years old began training in jewellery manufacturing, in separation and estimation of gemstones and the occupation of diamond setting while still a student at the American Academy Larnaca. At the age of eighteen years undertook trade and marketing for the company Nicos Poupazis & Sons Ltd, From 1988 until 1992 he was Deputy Chairman of the  Cyprus Jewellers Association . In 1990 he was sent by the Association to London for a study to help create in Cyprus body control and certification of precious metals. From 1992 to 1996 he held the position of President of the Cyprus Jewellers Association. On 17 June 1998 he was appointed Vice-President of the Administrative Council of the Cyprus Assay office and was re-appointed on 1st November 2001 for a further two years. In 2012 he was appointed to represent Cyprus in the European comity for Consumer Confidence in the Diamond Industry. From 2001 until today he deals in sales of diamonds, jewellery.


Elias Nousis

NousisHe was born in Ioannina on 30/11/56 where he lived until he was 24 years old. He graduated from the School of Silversmith in Ioannina. There he had the opportunity to work alongside renowned artists, from whom he learned the art of handmade special processing of silver, the famous "Silver of Ioannina."

He launched his own crafting workshop in 1973 in his hometown, which he relocated it in Limassol, Cyprus, and since 1980 she has been living there after his marriage to a Cypriot wife, Kyriaki Leonidou.

In the workshop you can find but also order all kinds of carved utensils and especially carved religious artifacts.

He has participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad,promoting through his art, his country and its traditions.

Tonia Theodorou

Tonia TheodorouTonia Theodorou, began her career in  Italy after her studies in Florence. Her reputacion goes beyong Cyprus and Europe reaching Amerika and Japan, where her creations have been receiving favourable reviews in many exhibitions worldwide. Since 1992 she has been running her own shop in Lemesos. In 2010 Tonia, due to her deep love to the art, has expanded her premises into an art gallery on the first floor, as ‘’TONIA jewel & art gallery’’. Her greatest source of inspiration – what she consider her biggest  creation –is her daughter Antigoni. She creates original pieces which are modern as well as timeless. She offers different ideas, for example transforming a necklace into two  bracelets and different rings or one pendant with ten different forms.Her creations are based on the two elements of movement and transformation. In using  these two elements, she aims to help women of today change the shape of their jewellery according to any occasion and their needs. The originality of her work is that each design has its own history.

On March 9th, the President of the Cyprus Organisation of Professional Women awarded Tonia with the certificate of Professional Woman for 2006.The event was hoeted at the Cyprus Hilton under the auspices of the Minister of Defense Sofoclis Sofocleous and the Cyprus Chambers of Commerce and industry.